NSW Forestry Corporation restores Mobong Creek picnic area

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Tim Scofield, Ryan Ellis and Andrew Cumberland on the new Mobong Creek bridge.


MOBONG Creek picnic area is all spruced up and ready for visitors.

Located within Wild Cattle Creek State Forest in Bellingen Shire’s north west corner, the picnic area lies 3km west of the Cascade Environment Centre (around 60 minutes west of Coffs Harbour, or 30 minutes north of Dorrigo).

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Access to the site is suitable for 2WDs in dry weather.

“It’s a beautiful spot with waterfalls, a water hole and walks into the State Forest,” Ryan Ellis, Partnerships Leader, Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Forest Stewardship division told News Of The Area.

“Following the 2019/20 bushfires it became clear the site needed some attention and the pedestrian footbridge needed replacing…it was past its ‘use by’ date and required removal.

“We built a new bridge using Tallowwood from local supplier Coffs Harbour Hardwoods, and with the support of the hardwood plantation team we replaced the infrastructure and made the site safe.”

The site now has a new toilet, picnic tables and fire pits.

“There is limited space but can accommodate some overnight stays.

“The waterfall and pool at the picnic area are a great place to relax and cool off.

“You can access both sides of the creek for your picnic; on the high bank overlooking Mobong Creek or cross the bridge which takes you right onto the creek – there are picnic facilities on both sides.

“The work was completed in stages over the past 12 months and involved small teams, camping out for a week at a time, taking all our materials and equipment.”

The Mobong Track and Mobong Falls are also nearby for the adventurous.

The Mobong track follows a historic tramway from the small settlement of Cascade used when the area was originally harvested for timber, through Cascade National Park with the last 500m of track in Wild Cattle Creek State Forest, where the trail finishes at Mobong Creek Picnic Area.

The site is a great day trip loop when heading from Coffs out to Bellingen, up to Dorrigo and back down the range via East Dorrigo Way through Ulong.

Please note sustainable timber harvesting is currently underway in some parts of Wild Cattle Creek state Forest so drive with caution and obey any signage.




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