Old Swan Bay Road

The section of track at the end of Old Swan Bay Road.


WHEN is a road not a road?

The Old Swan Bay Road is a road that many locals get frustrated about.

The condition isn’t good but perhaps there is more to the situation than initially meets the eye.

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Port Stephens Mayor Ryan Palmer told News Of The Area, “Council maintains Old Swan Bay Road to the extent of the legal road reserve which ends approximately 110 metres west of the bridge.

“There is no legal road reserve from this point through to Pond Road — the current track through land is not owned by Council or gazetted as road reserve.”

So while locals use the track – in fact the track is just that and it is not a road.

“However, we are advocating on behalf of the community and are in the process of ordering and installing signs to advise drivers that there is no through access ahead.

“We hope this will alleviate some of the traffic issues in this area,” said Mayor Palmer.

While the bridge by all reports has been in disrepair for some time Councillor Doohan has confirmed it is not a Council asset and therefore Council are not responsible for its repair.



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