Om Yeah studio in Coffs celebrates International Yoga Day

Winter warming Yin Yoga.


INTERNATIONAL Yoga Day on Monday June 21 was celebrated under the sun of the Summer solstice…in the other hemisphere, and for us Down Under, rugged up on the Mid North Coast, it was Winter Solstice.

Embracing this year’s theme of ‘Yoga for well-being’, Eden Hookway-Jones, Founder of om yeah yoga studio in central Coffs told News Of The Area, “In the Southern Hemisphere we experienced the darkest and shortest day.

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“To me that sounds a bit of a ‘doom and gloom’ kind of day, so we at ‘om yeah yoga’ celebrated this day by shining a light on the positives of this dark and cold season of winter.

“Winter can mean something different for everyone.

“It can bring about a sense of hibernation and it can be a dark time, with sickness and people often feel unmotivated.

“It can be a season where we forget to nourish our bodies and their immune systems.

“At om yeah, we want to inspire and empower our community to stay warm this winter and support their wellbeing with different yoga, breathwork, meditation tools and knowledge.”

On International Yoga Day om yeah had the infra-red heaters on and the euphoric, inspiring playlists playing, tuning-in to well-being and individual self-care, “celebrating what we do every day, here”, said Eden.

“Some of us need the heat, so we love to invite them to the Heated, Vinyasa, Hip Hop Yoga or Hatha classes.

“Others need stillness and time to contemplate, so we invite them to our Yin Yoga or Chill classes.”

Friday June 25 opens om yeah’s Winter Wellness Workshops with special guest yoga teachers, including Donald Shakes.

“We are offering a range of workshops on Yoga Alignment, Sound Bowl Healing, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga (all bodies welcome) and Ayurveda (an ancient holistic approach to wellbeing) all weekend.”

Yoga comes in many styles, maybe yours is “getting out into the sun, drinking a warm drink and maybe doing a short free meditation from our om-line platform”, said Eden.




Eden Hookway-Jones founder of om yeah yoga in Coffs.

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