‘On the couch’ with Jasminda


DEAR Jasminda,

Now we are socially isolated, the only time I communicate with people is on my daily walk. Sometimes, though, I say hello and the person walking towards me doesn’t reply.

It is quite depressing.

Katrina N.

Dear Katrina,

Once again we are in lockdown and the pathways are full of born-again joggers, cyclists, power walkers and casual strollers.

Lockdowns seem to encourage more people to get active than any other marketing campaign has been able to achieve.

It’s lovely to share a hello or good morning with fellow enthusiasts, yet there may be myriad reasons why there’s no reply.

1. They didn’t hear you.
2. They are rude and ignorant.
3. They are worried about your potential Covid-breath entering their respiratory system.
4. They are listening to a motivational podcast using ear buds not recognisable to the naked eye.
5. They are still reeling from the morning’s doom-scrolling and can’t even muster the level of positivity it takes to say hello.

Don’t take it personally.

Don’t sarcastically say, ‘Well a very good day to you too, moron’ as that will only lower your own level of harmony and happiness. Just keep walking and take your chances on the next person.

Carpe diem,

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