OPINION: A Community Events Coordinator required for Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens?


DEAR News Of The Area,

THE following is something I have been passionate about for lots of years, was just a thought to put it out there to the community.

I belong to several organisations of the community (ie) Probus, Golf Club, Myall Craft Centre, not so many as I used to belong, however.

Over the last 20 odd years I have found that this community is in urgent need of a ‘coordinator’ who can make a list of major planned events from all sections (ie Golf Club, Bowls, Probus, View Club etc).

“Why?”, you ask.

Because time and time again we have major events happening on the same day, which is very frustrating to many of us who want to go to both and this includes North Arm Cove and Pindimar.

If we had a list of yearly major events, kept at the Information Centre for all to access, then other special events could be planned around them…so simple.

Note in point at the moment is the special fashion event advertised last week which is going to be on Sunday 23 May the very same day of the Mixed Foursomes at the Golf Club (which is a yearly event planned at the end of previous year).

I know several ladies would like to go to the fashion event, myself included, but will now have to miss out.

This is only one instance of ‘double booking’ which might have been avoided if a list of all events was available, especially charity events where the more people who attend means the more money raised.

So…is anyone out there in the community interested in taking this on for next year?

Once set up it should not be too hard to do each year as many events happen around the same time each year.


Hawks Nest.

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