OPINION: A Council term in review


DEAR News Of the Area,

IT IS perhaps timely to remind residents of the record of our current councilors over their period in office.

I could start with:

– The collapse of the Community Hall at Moonee, used by many community groups, never rebuilt by Council. A community asset lost.

– The closure of the recycling centre at the town tip, where residents could deposit their unwanted household, sporting or surplus building materials, the contractor would then recycle the items to the public at a small cost, Council claimed that a new contractor would be found, this never happened, and a community service was lost.

Subsequently the Council ceased the free household goods pick up service residents now have to pay to dispose of their unwanted household items with, all items going to landfill with no recycling. A community service lost.

– The closure of the Tourist Information Centre leaving Coffs Harbour as possibly the only destination in NSW without an Information Centre, how much has this decision affected local

accommodation providers, tourist operators and service providers. Another community service lost.

– Due to this and previous Councils’ lack of maintenance on the Coffs Harbour Jetty it is now estimated that it will cost up to $20 million dollars to carry out repairs, a walk under the Jetty at low tide shows broken piles, wales and braces, no doubt there are considerably more maintenance problems in the deeper water.

Coffs Harbour.

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