OPINION: Advice for future leaders with Council and Mayoral aspirations


DEAR News Of The Area,

‘Herewith is an attempt to ‘define an approach’ for those who place their name forward for Local Government Election, and Mayoral Leadership.

Rather than ambition or ego driven achievements, their representation is ‘exclusively’ for the ‘citizens’, and the ‘long-term good’, value, and benefits to the people.

Consensus, cooperation and compromise are primary principles worth pursuing.

The good of the people is above party politics and factions.

Longer-term consideration is superior to creating deep and long-term divisions.

Long-term and immense debt requires ‘very serious’ consideration for those who follow; especially in a City where Council rates are already high and when ‘national financial corrections’ are imminent.

The excessive and indulgent spending of ratepayers annual contributions is negligent.

First and foremost, the decisions of Council are for the ‘quality of life and enjoyment’ of the people ‘who live within its boundaries’.

Finally – for the good of the people – the city’s administration must quickly and seriously consider this city’s population growth and manageable numbers.

Parking is already a companion problem!

Even now and during times of population build-up, city traffic is a problem.

This, the bypass WILL NOT FIX!

For the Council electoral aspirants, please try to get your priorities right!


Kenneth PALMER,
Coffs Harbour.

One thought on “OPINION: Advice for future leaders with Council and Mayoral aspirations

  1. So true and hey need to read and follow the local government code of conduct. One of the latest bunch of aspirants the ” we’ll fix it” team spearheaded by Roger Pryce semm to have the opinion that council is an autocracy and they can just dismiss counter opinions . He also fails to realise that he will never make a decision alone, there are 9 councillors and there has to be a majority vote to pass any decision.
    If I could sum up his campaign I’d say “It is like the emperor’s new clothes – there is simply nothing there”

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