OPINION: ANZAC Day March shouldn’t leave the town’s centre


DEAR News of The Area,

Shameful, appalling, disgusting.

This Is the only way to describe the actions of the Coffs Harbour City Council.

Shameful, for using the Covid Virus as an excuse to push the traditional ANZAC Day March from the town’s centre to the outer reaches of the sports stadium.

Appalling, for not allowing the families and community to line the streets to cheer, clap and wave flags to show gratitude for all those who have served their country as they march through their city streets.

Disgusting for, insulting a National Day of Remembrance, a tradition that spans over 100 years, by allowing such things as the Uptown Markets to operate within Cooee of the Cenotaph on such a sacred day.


Disappointed Ex-Serviceman.

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