OPINION: Appropriate local DA?


DEAR News Of The Area,

IT seems everyone has a favourite story when it comes to poor Council decision making here in our Coffs LGA.

We probably need to recognize however, that despite all their best efforts to make sensible long term planning decisions, Council’s Planning Staff will always be at the mercy of the developers, organisations and individuals who pursue contrary purposes.

The current DA to demolish an existing and substantial residence on the busy corner of Sawtell and Lamberts Roads in Boambee East to build a dental surgery is yet another case in point.

No doubt the business owner, motivated by the shortage of suitable commercial premises, and we suspect encouraged by the financially incentivised real estate agent, sees it as a perfect opportunity.

After all, planning laws do allow Medical consulting rooms in R2 zoned residential areas.

Unfortunately as is often the case, the impact on the near neighbours and wider community are understated or totally overlooked.

We know there is a shortage of residential accommodation in the area, but is there a shortage of dental surgeries?

And would you place a business, with its demands for multiple vehicle access and on and off street parking meters from an already busy and inadequate intersection which is the singular access point to a large residential estate?

Hopefully, common sense will prevail.


Boambee East.



One thought on “OPINION: Appropriate local DA?

  1. That’s exactly right Dave. As a long term resident of Lamberts Road, I am extremely concerned about the potential busyness of that intersection onto Sawtell Road.

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