OPINION: Australia has decided

DEAR News Of The Area,

THIS last week we saw so many Australians reject the politics of fear, inaction, and corruption and, at this election, they have set a mandate for leadership with integrity, vision and a commitment towards economic equality.

Voters demonstrated that they had simply had enough of mismanagement, corruption, disgraceful treatment of women and lack of direction in terms of international affairs.

In Cowper the majority held by the Nationals was 11.9 percent and so it was a huge mountain for any challenger to climb.

The Labor Party and the Greens worked hard to win the seat and were out in force every day but in the end were unsuccessful.

The Independent candidate Caz Heise also mounted an impressive campaign with an amazing team of active supporters.

She did well in terms of voting numbers but she too fell short of success and so we have our Nationals candidate, Pat Conaghan, re-elected.

However, he will now sit with the opposition which means that he will inevitably have less opportunity and influence to press for the needs of Cowper.

So we, in Cowper, are sadly not standing alongside the ‘winning team’ who will be setting the agenda for the future.

A huge thanks must go to all the volunteers who turned up all last week to help with pre-polling for all the parties and on voting day itself.

Some party supporters turned up every single day to press their cause and showed immense commitment and dedication.

Australia has finally decided on a new course for the Federal Government for the next three years.

We should celebrate this result – it gives us hope for the future .

Marlene GRIFFIN,
Valla Beach.

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