Opinion: Bullying is Bullying?


DEAR News Of The Area,

THERE is currently a campaign against bullying airing on television, which includes as an example of bullying, the sending of multiple emails to a recipient.

And what have we got the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group (CCCAG) doing?

Carry on a ‘Digital Storm’, which involves flooding the executives of the companies investing in the Adani mine with phone calls, emails, calendar reminders and social media messages.

To my mind that meets the criteria of bullying.

Just because they are company officials does not alter the fact.

The CCCAG can call their action a digital storm if they want but bullying is bullying no matter what you call it.

It appears to me that they believe that if the cause is righteous then bullying is an acceptable weapon to intimidate others into adopting their view.

What did their banner say?

“We’re coming for you!!”.

If that is not threatening and intimidating language I don’t know what is.

These people are showing their true nature.

My mute is turned off.


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