OPINION: Climate Change Con?


DEAR News Of The Area,

HERE we go again.

The climate change industry alarmists are continuing to con us.

– In 2021 the IPCC said that by the end of the decade the temperature will rise 1.5 degrees celsius
above pre-industrial levels.

– Sea levels will rise by 2 metres by the end of the century, and 5 metres 50 years later.

– UN has called the situation CODE RED for human kind.

Let me remind you what some of these experts have said previously.

– In 1989: the UN warns that entire nations will be wiped off the face of the earth by Global Warming.

– In 1989: rising sea levels will obliterate nations if nothing is done.

– In 2005: there will be 50 million climate refugees by 2020.

– In 2009 Prince Charles said, “We have 96 months to save the world.”

– In 2009 the UK Prime Minister said, “We have 50 days to save the planet from catastrophe.”

All these predictions have proved to be nonsense and false of course.

In time the latest predictions will also be shown to be false.

Also many of the worst bushfires and floods in world history occurred years before the term climate change was invented.

In my opinion, man made climate change is the largest con ever perpetrated on mankind.


Coffs Harbour.

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