OPINION: Committed climate targets for Cowper

DEAR News Of The Area,

SCOTT Morrison and his boys now say ‘they can change’.

Still they won’t commit to genuine climate crisis targets that scientists have been begging us to enforce to save our planet and us as a species.

78 percent of people say that this is the key issue for them this election.

The Coalition says the issue is the economy.

We the Cowper voters say they’re inter-related issues.

Throwing millions of dollars into mopping up disasters will be an endless economic drain exponentially and perpetually if we don’t address the cause.

We are now experiencing the climate crises scientists have been warning us of as early as 1965.

Scott Morrison and his team prefer to ignore the pleas of the people.

Nothing has changed therefore or will.

The Coalition has made itself and us in turn dependent on big business with vested interests.

The only way to change this perilous nightmare is to vote for a new government on Saturday.

If the Independants can hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives they can force real change through committed actions.

Do as I say, and not as I do doesn’t cut it anymore Scott.

It’s called double standards and hypocrisy.

The only way we will see real change I believe therefore is to vote for our Independent candidate Caz Heise tomorrow.

Every vote will be critical this Saturday and you have the power with your single vote to create the changes we have been calling for from the Coalition government.

Nambucca Heads.

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