OPINION: Community consultation with Bannisters

Locals gathering to discuss the Bannisters DA.


DEAR News Of The Area,

I WATCHED firsthand Leah Anderson (although not sworn in as our no.1 East Ward Councillor) stand with the community last week using her business negotiations and love of the environment.

This gives me confidence our community will have its say!

Leah is negotiating a community consultation with Bannisters as requested, with the time and date to be announced.

It seems the 2011 approved development that includes 94 permanent residents at Bannisters is set in stone and without a design and community consultation understandably the locals feel left out.

Like the Anna Bay helicopter DA rearing its head whilst we prepare for Christmas, this DA seems sneaky!

Did we not learn anything through Covid lockdown?

Please, let’s pause for a moment to reflect on what’s needed?

I’m concerned the entire Peninsula will slowly vanish.

When I say vanish, I mean vanish from the true reason we live here, the true reason the tourism industry flourishes here.

Our current slogan is “incredible by nature”, much better than “where the bloody hell are you?”, but let’s not let it slide into “what was, is now gone”.

The building currently stands at seven storeys, according to the GM, and is only expected to increase by 60cm.

Not everyone at this community meeting was concerned about the height but concerned about the ever-increasing number of cars on the only road in and out of Soldiers Point Road and the loss of native habit and community space.

This 120-million-dollar investment by the developer/owner is difficult to visualise if you know the current building, it’s not a solid block.

The GM is prepared to share and discuss with the community what’s going on and understands fully the importance of working with the locals.


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  1. Soldiers point rod want be able to cope
    Will be to much traffic?is already to much traffic on holiday seasons ?

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