OPINION: Concerns over Nambucca Library enlargement


DEAR News Of The Area,

I HAVE been following the issue of the enlargement of the Nambucca Library and along with others have voiced my concerns about this development.

It is not because I do not value the library, far from it.

However I value the communities right to the large space in the small hall which will be lost.

There are no other halls belonging to the community in Nambucca Heads.

Sharing this space with the library will not provide the same venue and access we have now.

Many groups have held meetings and exhibitions in the hall and so much of that space and access will be lost.

Where do they go?

The access to the Entertainment Centre will be adversely affected.

I have been part of shows in the “big hall” and helped unload the frail aged when they could park safely in the courtyard.

Orchestras visiting from other areas also can unload players and instruments safely also in the courtyard.

Just imagine trying to do that on the race track in front of the halls and library, dangerous and unnecessary.

The Bowraville Theatre has been given a grant to provide disabled access.

We already have that and will lose it.

I understand the need to provide a larger library for our town.

However, ruining two venues to enlarge one is bad town planning.

Due to the lack of space and difficulty in enlarging the library it may prove a better plan to move it altogether to a more suitable venue.

The existing library could be used for a learning centre of arts and crafts or other needs the community might suggest.

It seems good money after bad is being thrown around trying to enlarge the existing library.

The Courtyard space could certainly be beautified and there are enough artists and clever people around to make it a lovely open area in town, whilst also allowing for a space for unloading and picking up.

The local Aboriginal people have painted some great works, one of note being on the side of the old Tourist Centre building.

They may be interested in doing some lovely artwork.

The adjoining post office has vehicle access to their building without causing problems and it is next door to the halls, surely the same can be arranged so the Entertainment Centre and small hall provide the community with safe access to continue giving our art shows, orchid displays and concerts via the essential courtyard access.

Yours sincerely,

Rhonda DAVIES,
Nambucca Heads.

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