OPINION: Confine Domestic Cats in New South Wales


DEAR News Of The Area,

MANY local residents burn with white-hot anger at domestic cats roaming through their properties at any time of the day or night, pooping in their freshly turned vegie patches, flower beds and children’s sandbox, scaring and killing the native wildlife in their gardens, spraying their plants and buildings and even wandering into their houses.

But currently in New South Wales, there is absolutely nothing a person can do about it, because the definition of a “nuisance cat” puts a virtually impossible burden of proof – documented “repeated” physical damage – on the offended property owner.

The argument that roaming domestic cats are “just doing what cats do” is ridiculous.

All animals roam if allowed to, otherwise councils wouldn’t employ rangers to round them up.

We don’t allow dogs or domestic stock to roam freely through the neighbourhood, so why are domestic cats exempt?

It beggars belief.

To try and stop this, I have started an online petition to confine cats to their owner’s property.

Confinement is recommended by the RSPCA and is in line with best-practice animal welfare.

The petition has received nearly 5600 signatures in two weeks.

It can be found by typing in “Confine Domestic Cats in New South Wales.”

If you are as sick and tired of domestic cats roaming at will, sign the petition.

You will never get a better chance to make your feelings known.


Allen GREER,
Mudgee, NSW.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Confine Domestic Cats in New South Wales

  1. Apart from cats leaving droppings in my huge vegie garden and lawn I think owners of dogs should be responsible for their dogs to stop barking at all hours of the night and early morning EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT!! WITH NO ATTEMPT IN STOPPING THEM!
    Would love people to acknowledge this also!!

  2. I live in the Jervis Bay area where there are too many cats roaming free and killing small wild animals, eg lizards, and leaving their scats everywhere. Domestic cats should be confined.

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