Opinion: Councils and their reason for existence


DEAR News Of The Area,

THE main purpose as I see it and possibly the original purpose of councils is to provide services to the ratepayers and the community in its basic forms namely water, roads, parks and gardens, and most importantly, garbage collection and waste disposal.

Councils are duty bound to provide these basic services in the most efficient way while keeping in mind the cost to the ratepayers and the community.

Their whole duty of care is to serve the community as a whole so that the community’s general satisfaction rate is high.

When all the above is achieved the council also has to plan judiciously for sensible growth and development of public buildings etc for the future.

All sections of the community need attention and when homelessness, drug abuse and associated criminal activities abound it is imperative that extra resources are directed to resolve these issues to maintain a fair, caring and equitable society.

This must be Council’s priority.


George PARTOS,
Coffs Harbour.

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