Opinion: Cowper the winner

DEAR News Of The Area,

REGARDLESS of the final result, it is clear that the people of Cowper have won.

Thanks to Caz Heise and her team of hard-working volunteers, Cowper is now marginal and well and truly on the election map.

It will no longer be taken for granted by any party, and the issues of climate change, integrity in politics and equality must now feature prominently, whoever takes the seat.

This was not about money.

We just saw Palmer spend $100m for nothing.

This was a movement of people who have had enough of politics as usual, who want real action, and who were willing to put skin in the game to get it.

Everyone in Cowper will benefit.

Well done to all.

Cheryl COOPER.

One thought on “Opinion: Cowper the winner

  1. It is a plus that this seat is more marginal and more work for the incumbent to defend.

    However I think action on climate change, integrity in government, and equality for women is something everybody wants. The Labor Party had these issues already covered with good policies and was most likely the one who was going to be the party of government. You have to be the party of government to do the things you say you want to do.

    Now that we have a Labor government, the community dissatisfaction with a toxic Prime Minister, an incompetent government, and a compliant media continually sowing doubts about Anthony Albanese’s leadership will disappear. This will create a different political landscape.

    If Labor governs well and the pitfalls of a partisan media are understood people may well park their vote somewhere entirely different to the last election.

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