OPINION: Cyclists endangering walkers on Ocean Parade footpath


DEAR News Of The Area,

IT is of great concern the number of pushbike riders using the footpath in Ocean Parade.

Adult cyclists need to be reminded that unless it’s a shared path, the law is that an adult rider must use the road unless supervising a bicycle rider under 16, and then they can use the footpath.

Last week an adult cyclist was riding on the footpath past Park Beach Bowls Club and while avoiding two walkers, knocked over one of our members.

An ambulance was called and thankfully our member did not suffer any serious injury.

This is an example of why I believe that cyclists should have a number plate for identification purposes, and be insured.

On this occasion the cyclist did stop however it could’ve been a situation where the rider did not stop and if our member had experienced serious injury she would’ve been in a position of having to pay for any medical expenses.

Trish WELSH,
Coffs Harbour.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Cyclists endangering walkers on Ocean Parade footpath

  1. This is why I believe that there should be more dedicated bike paths so pedestrians are not a problem. Trish, ” but was there any parking”

  2. A cyclist riding on the footpath accidentally ran into a person but no serious injury and the cyclist stopped to help. From this you then extrapolate to registering bicycles and having insurance.
    Why was the cyclist on the footpath? A narrow Ocean Parade busy with cars and therefore dangerous to cyclist?
    Granted the cyclist should’ve been more careful before trying to ride around the pedestrians and luckily the lady’s injuries weren’t serious – because the cyclist was moving very slowly? – but to go from a minor incident to a solution that would see less bikes around and more cars, would seem to be knee-jerking.
    Yes, I am a cyclist and I do have insurance.
    Cheers, Michael O’Brien

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