Opinion: Get Vaccinated


DEAR News Of The Area,

I WOULD like to encourage everyone, especially those over 50 years old, to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as possible.

Please do not wait for a ‘better’ vaccine.

The AstraZeneca one is ready and available and even the first injection, which is completely painless, gives you a higher level of protection against this malevolent virus.

After the second jab (three months later), you are 98% protected.

The Pfizer vaccine is also available to the under-50s.

The risk of getting a blood-clot and dying is virtually nil whereas the risk of dying from the virus itself is much higher.

Yes, some 10% of people may get some mild side-effects for up to four days after the jab (not in my case, though) but it’s still so much better than getting Covid-19 itself.

Help keep our communities virus-free by getting your Covid-19 jab as soon as possible.


Coffs Harbour.

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