OPINION: Gone to the dogs


DEAR News Of The Area,

UP until the start of this pandemic, there were already a large number of homes where there was a pet dog.

Now, ownership has increased a lot more for some reason.

It seems as if the bulk of dog owners seem incapable of understanding that not everyone wants to listen to their dog barking.

I don’t mean just a little barking now and then, but any time anything gets the dogs attention, some to the point of going hysterical, some just bark for the sake of barking.

These people should never have gotten a dog, as they are incapable of understanding respect, too lazy to train them properly, too lazy to exercise them and probably do not even have them registered.

Does anyone ever ask their neighbours before getting one “do you mind listening to a dog barking”, of course not.

Talking to people about their dogs that are a problem is generally pointless, as they seem to lack a basic understanding of respect.

The Council is just as useless, they are not doing their job for sure.

They ask you to talk to the owners, which is pointless, and then keep silly logs of when the dogs barks, and then they still do nothing.

It is little wonder that some people take the law into their own hands sometimes.

It is also not uncommon that if these people also have kids, that they are not much better, that is another subject.

So all those that fit this description, how about growing up and learning some respect for others.

Peter TYLER.

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