OPINION: Greed in Coffs Coast Op Shops


DEAR News Of The Area,

IN response to previous messages regarding Op Shop pricings I would like to make a comment also.

I worked at a large Op Shop store here.

There were three paid managers walking around that store.

Yes, all being paid wages.

I was only a volunteer as with other workers there.

One day I was told to price a pair of men’s board shorts at $15 because they were a named brand.

I questioned this as you can buy much cheaper in Kmart but the manager was adamant, needless to say I only put a $4 ticket on them.

This is where the takings of the store are going to pay their wages not giving back to the community.

I ended up resigning from there, then not long after they closed because of Covid.

But I noticed recently there were still two paid managers in that store.

Greed, sheer greed.

Boambee East.

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