OPINION: Green Waste Collection Bin offer


DEAR News Of The Area,

ON seeing the offer of a green waste receptacle in the paper, we contacted the Library and picked one up.

I thought we were good with separating general rubbish, worm food/green waste, clear plastic and our recyclable goods, but when I looked carefully at what should go where, I found I was not as good as I thought.

Now, almost nothing in general waste, worm food remains but with a lot more going in the green waste bin.

Just a suggestion neighbours, take up the offer and get one if they are still available.

Look more carefully at what goes where as explained on the brochure that comes with the bin (which fits neatly and tidily on the bench in the kitchen) and we can all do that little bit more to save our community and the planet from being buried in our waste.


Boambee East.

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