OPINION: Huge Parking Problems


DEAR News Of The Area,

SHOULD you wish to visit either the Library or the Art Gallery at the 10am opening times.

It is totally impossible to park your car as all available parking spaces are taken and not by the users of those facilities.

After trying to visit several days in a row I found a parking space far from the Library.

I was one of two people lining up to enter the library at 10am.

Where are the owners and drivers of those cars?

Surely this suggests that this area is being used by long term car parker’s as there is nowhere else to go.

The suggestion that we require more visitors to the CBD is so ludicrous parking is at a premium now and the frustrations experienced is hardly conducive to a happy Library or Art Gallery visit.

Surely as citizens we deserve better than this it appears our concerns about parking are being totally overlooked.

How can the new location in an already congested location be any better!

Saturday is the only day when one can reasonably get a park.

The only conclusion is that Library and Art Gallery users are neither required nor respected.

North Boambee Valley.

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