OPINION: In defence of beach hauling


DEAR News Of The Area,

GEOFF Delaney (Port Stephens News Of The Area, Fish Killing Frenzy on Fingal Bay, p6, April 22 Edition) please don’t feel like that about the mullet catch.

Beach hauling is legal.

The fishermen are licensed professionals.

It is their job and they are policed by DPI Fisheries.

Every year around this time massive schools of mullet exit rivers along the East coast on an annual run and the beach haulers are active for a while.

Remember, probably 90% of the retail fish sold in Australia are netted by seine, trawling or surrounding methods.

I have never witnessed any dangerous driving along Hunter or Mid-North coast beaches by these guys.

Also, just a heads up for you; don’t go swimming when the mullet run is on.

Sharks follow the schools.

Keep your eyes open for a shark feeding frenzy on your walks along Fingal at this time of the year Geoff.

Now, that’s a real spectacle!


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