OPINION: In support of the Salute Jetty Cafe


DEAR News Of The Area,

WELL, as usual, Council has used its power to get rid of a perfectly good cafe in Salute at the Jetty and replace them, with the feeble excuse that as their lease expired, a new person applied who put in a ‘better application’ – whatever that is.

The new application was accepted and these poor girls who have spent over three years building up a great business are now OUT.

It certainly is ‘who you know’ isn’t it.

They ought to be reinstated immediately, as there is no valid reason for them to be replaced. Spending all those years building up a good business and having it all in place for someone new to move straight into.

Good work again Council, can you ever make a good decision.

Well done – NOT!


One thought on “OPINION: In support of the Salute Jetty Cafe

  1. There is a Monopoly operating and being encouraged by the council. This is so obvious and blatantly wrong

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