OPINION: Is Gas A Dirty Word?


DEAR News Of the Area,

THE handful of people calling themselves The Coffs Coast Climate Action Group (CCCAG) say that, “Gas is a dirty fossil fuel which makes climate extremes worse” (‘Climate Group Asks For Answers’, News Of The Area p4, April 23 2021 Edition).

My dictionary defines “dirty” as “soiled, unclean, not pure or clear”.

To my mind gas meets this definition as it burns clean without smoke or soot.

However, if CCCAG has invented a new definition of dirty to include anything expelling carbon dioxide into the atmosphere then they must include themselves as dirty.

For they expel carbon dioxide with every breath.

This amounts to approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide per person per annum.

It is also interesting to note that events attributed to climate change are always ‘extreme’ or harmful, they are never beneficial.

Event attribution researchers only look for the bad, they never bother to check whether there might be an increase in pleasant summer days or better crop growing weather.

Only the bad is reported, demonstrating a ‘confirmation bias’ in their research.

Event attribution studies or models include uncertainties and guesses and so cannot be categorically relied upon as the Coffs Coast Climate Change Action Group’s statement suggests.



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