OPINION: Library parking availability a ‘joke’


DEAR News Of The Area,

PARKING at the best of times at the library is always a problem.

However on Tuesday 11 May at 10am during library opening hours there were twelve parking spaces closed off with witches hats plus a sign to say workmen.

There was not a work man to be seen in the vicinity anywhere.

So many frustrated patrons as I was driving around to try and find a space.

This only goes to demonstrate the importance of available parking spaces for this facility which could never be the case in Gordon Street.

The patch up jobs on our streets are appalling while a little asphalt has been added to many cavities on our streets.

The problem remains and some roads are no better than farm tracks.

Serious work is required on our streets it would seem it is not a priority.


North Boambee Valley.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Library parking availability a ‘joke’

  1. I am continually surprised by the seeming inability of a lot of people to walk from the Castle Street carpark which always has parking to where everthey wish to go in town. Have people forgotten how to walk? As for complaining about construction workers needing parking allocated , I hope these complainers never need the services of any of them. I’ d be making a list and black banning them.

  2. I park in the library parking area for running training every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6 am to 7.30 am. I observe the same council employees park their vehicles in the “2hr maximum” spots and walk off. When I come back in the middle of the day looking for spots to park to access the library the same vehicles are still in the same parking sites. It is quite clear that council rangers know which vehicles are to be left un- fined, and this is council corruption at a basic level. I have bought this matter up but nothing happens. The council employee car park under the library is open and available for these vehicles but they choose not to use it. The people leaving the vehicles are observed wearing council uniforms or entering council premises. This needs to be investigated as it will get far worse when the new council premises is built.

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