Opinion: No purpose for Parklets in Port Stephens


DEAR News Of The Area,

AFTER just retiring recently to Shoal Bay I have been telling my family and friends how beautiful this hidden little treasure is, calling it the North Shore of Nelson Bay.

That is until these cheap nasty parklets arrived.

They serve absolutely no purpose except for one cafe.

They have completely devalued and cheapened the look of Shoal bay.

Now that the foreshore is under renovation and even more parking is temporarily taken away, it is extremely urgent that these Parklets be removed immediately.

The elderly need a disabled parking spot outside the chemist as well as parking where the Parklets are currently situated.


Shoal Bay.

One thought on “Opinion: No purpose for Parklets in Port Stephens

  1. I agree with Cathay Edwards. Those ‘parklets’ do look like a bit of an eyesore. If you are going to do something at least make it look half decent. Good to see the pathway finally getting done and the new toilet block is much better. Now to fix up One Mile Beach toilets.

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