OPINION: Pedestrians beware on Coffs footpaths


DEAR News Of The Area,

FURTHER to my letter recently (‘Get off the footpath’, Coffs Coast News Of The Area, May 7 Edition, p30) referring to those cyclists who illegally ride on the footpath in Ocean Parade, I’ve just been advised of a man who recently fell and fractured five ribs after a bike whizzed past just after the Bowls Club and he jumped to the side of the path trying to get out of the way.

There are many people on walkers and walking sticks but use this path for their daily exercise. On any given day there will be numerous bikes riding on the pedestrian only section of the path. It would be great to see large painted signs on the footpath of a cyclist with a line through it and maybe they’ll get the message.

If the police wanted to, you could probably book 20 cyclists an hour on some days.


Trish WELSH,
Coffs Harbour.

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