OPINION: Protests and Arrests in Bellingen


DEAR News Of The Area,

IT was disappointing to learn of anti lock down and anti mask protests in Bellingen last week.

Very simply, everybody, in the interests of everybody, has to adhere to the public health orders and stay at home unless it is for an allowed reason.

A protest is not an allowed reason.

Protesters today put themselves, their families and the community at risk.

I, of course, support the right to protest as long as it is done in a law abiding and peaceful way.

We’re only going to get out of lockdown by following the public health orders.

Events like this threaten to make the lockdown longer.

Everyone’s sick of the lockdown but we have to see it through and limit ways to spread the virus.

Gathering in public for protest is not the answer. Following the public health order is.


Candidate for Mayor of Bellingen Shire Council.

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