OPINION: Public Safety Concerns Over Nambucca Library Upgrade


DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM writing in support of the views of Marlene Griffin’s concerns (‘Library Concerns’, News of The Area, Pg9, August 12 Edition) in relation to the Extension Project Plans for Nambucca Library.

As Marlene mentions, there are significant public safety issues arising from the present design plans which need to be further explored and the public made aware of.

The present design plans for the lower floor area is to be a library meeting room accessible by a staircase and lift.
This is great space use, but there is a Fire and Safety issue in using this area as meeting rooms.

There is no provision for external exits or regress in the event a fire evacuation situation or any other emergency particularly for the disabled.

These plans need further consideration before any building work starts or there will be problems and liabilities down the track for future library users and library staff.

This lower floor area would effectively be a fire trap, with the staircase, the only exit for staff and visitors to evacuate by.

A lift is not usually to be used as a fire escape and may well in an emergency be out of action.

The area outside of this basement is a small yard with railings around and a steep drop from here leads to the rainforest which has a disused old pathway.

The narrow and inadequate pathway is not trafficable for people with disabilities, the path eventually leads to the steep staircase at the back of the post office, exiting to Frazer Street.

Consequently anyone ‘trapped’ in this area of the library would have no way out to a safe assembly point.


Nambucca Heads.

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