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Dear Denise,
How do I present my acreage for sale?
DF Bob Farm

WHEN it comes time to sell your small acreage or farm, most of the same rules apply to a Residential sale.

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It’s mainly just on a larger scale.

Probably the biggest issues I have, experiencing Rural Sales presentation, is that with acreage there are sometimes lots of old pieces of machinery/hardware lying around. I understand that these are usually handy to have at some point, for spare parts and repairs, but when it comes time to sell, either get rid of them or store them neatly away.

Trust me when I say that your buyer can not see past them. They will see your property as poorly kept and unattractive. This is the last thing you want as they will want to pay less for it if anything at all.

Another item that’s truly important is the grounds of the property. Have them slashed so that they are park like. This will appeal visually to your buyer. It will also enable your agent & buyers to walk or drive around the paddocks freely, thus having a better viewing.

Hope this helps.


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