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Dear Denise,
Need a Rental but No Rental History?

FG Raymond Terrace

FROM time to time I have people contacting me for advice on how to be a successful rental applicant. One of the more common situations is that they have found themselves after many years of owning their own home, having to apply for a rental.

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This leaves them in a predicament, as they have no rental history to put forward when applying for a property.

My advice for these potential tenants is to always include as much personal information, work related references and character references as possible. Of course, always present yourself neatly and respectfully, likening the situation to a job interview. Sometimes we have had family members offer to go on the lease as well, as a guarantee that should something go wrong, then they will cover the expense.

Keep in mind that it will still always be difficult when you are competing against tenants with excellent rental history and references. At the end of the day it is always the landlords call as to whether they give you a chance, but if you put your best foot forward then you will increase your likelihood of success.

Hope that helps.

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