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Dear Denise,
What is the idea of an Open House?
BF, Raymond Terrace

I believe that Open Homes are a way of allowing buyers to view a home they are interested in without the pressure of a one on one inspection with the agent.

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Buyers can also bring along a family member or friend and discuss the features and benefits of the home in privacy, amongst themselves.

During an open the agent will listen to general feedback, comments and observe prospective buyers, all the while gauging interest & motivation, plus be on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

A great agent will engage in conversation with the potential purchasers, learning what their financial circumstances are ie: do they need to sell, obtain finance or have cash.

They will also find out more detail about what they’re seeking in a property, which will help the agent put forth the properties appropriate features & benefits.

If after this discussion an offer hasn’t been obtained, a great agent will follow up.

The agent would have obtained the potential purchasers details upon their entering the home and therefore should be able to make contact afterward for feedback, again gauging interest and potentially obtain an offer.

Hope this helps.

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