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Dear Denise,
Help – My friend is a real estate agent – do I have to use them?
GF Medowie

CHOOSING your real estate agent is an important step in the selling process and must be considered carefully.

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It can be awkward when you have a friend who is an agent and you feel as though you should use them to sell your home.

Remember that your home is usually your largest asset and therefore you need to have the best person for the job representing you.

If you do have someone whom you consider to be a friend and is also a real estate agent I would suggest that you try to take a step back and interview them along with other real estate agents as well.

Ask all of your agents what it is that they offer in experience, proven sales, marketing skills and work ethic.

When they provide you with their market appraisal of your home, ask them how they have come up with the pricing that they have.

Check all of the agents profiles online and also customer reviews of their service. Remember that at the end of the day you are seeking the best person to sell your home not doing a friend a favour.

Tough question but hope that helps.


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