OPINION: Seawall collapse at Soldiers Point

Photos taken of the timber seawall on Sunday.


DEAR News Of The Area,

I WRITE regarding the deterioration and now collapse of a timber seawall at Kangaroo Point, 111 Soldiers Point Rd.

The Port Stephens Council were notified of the impending problem in April 2021 and again a few weeks ago, but they chose to do nothing.

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Now the collapsed wall is a public danger to the many people who use the path from beach to grassed area.

Furthermore two significant native trees, which stabilise the foreshore are now under threat of undermining by sea erosion.

The existing wall was perfectly adequate for 35 years and only needed a few upright logs to be replaced.

Unfortunately these have now broken and the whole wall has collapsed and large broken logs with sharp nails were floating around the rocks – obviously a hazard to boats.

Thankfully one of the elderly local residents was able to pull most of the timber out of the water.

A few of us have rigged up a temporary fix to try to minimize any further erosion and to protect the trees.

Council has sent photos and requests but still no action and no one even seems to be able to tell us when or who will come and fix it or even just look at the site.

Perhaps someone needs to seriously injure themselves and then take legal action against the Council for negligent upkeep of Council property in order for them to take action?

Jane PAPE.


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