OPINION: Second hand shop rip-offs


DEAR News Of The Area,

A MESSAGE to the major players in second hand clothing shops locally.

I have shopped there for 40 years.

On Tuesday I went on a crawl, as we avid shoppers do, but was stunned at the new prices two of the major players are now charging!

No longer $4 or $5 per unit or ‘fill-a-bag’ for $10, no way!

Swing tags with $15, $20 and even $25 were on clothing everywhere.

I spoke to a senior member in one of the chains, voicing my concerns, that these garments and bric-a-brac are all donated.

The prices now put them out of the needy shoppers price range.

Those stores are there to supposedly help the disadvantaged, not profit from them.

To my surprise, one of the volunteer staff agreed with me in front of the senior staff member, reinforcing my words.

Thank you lovely lady, whoever you are.

Donated goods, volunteer staff.

You large not-for-profit organisations only need to cover the wage of the manager and pay some rent, more often than not, you even own the building!

To me, this is outrageous profiteering.
I know businesses need to cover costs, but $25 for someone’s second hand trousers is ridiculous.

Wake up second hand stores and go back to serving the people that need your help the most.

I feel you have lost sight of the job you are supposed to be doing by making these shops profitable businesses, not charitable organisations.

Boambee East.

3 thoughts on “OPINION: Second hand shop rip-offs

  1. Yes,how true,greed is everywhere these days,even in charity shops where every one donates or works for free for them,sometimes without a word of thanks either.Time to think of the needy instead of the $$$.It is just a thriving business now,not trying to help the less fortunate.

  2. These Op shop you are speaking of dont only have costs of wages, rent, insurance they also assist people in need with vouchers for electricity, food & petrol. The people who are suffering most with the “high prices” are those that are unable to get low prices of items to sell at their market stall.

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