OPINION: Strengthening the UN in these dangerous times

DEAR News Of The Area,

TO say that I am appalled at the outrageous, ignorant and dangerous statement made last week by the One Nation candidate for Cowper would be an understatement.

Ms Aspiotis, if reported correctly, has apparently called for Australia to exit the United Nations based on the UN’s collective work in addressing the climate crisis.

What shame this type of statement brings on to all Australians.

I agree with the concerns of many that the UN Security Council has been unable to be more effective in relations to conflicts, especially currently with regard to Ukraine.

The use of Russia’s veto at the UN Security Council is a tragic failure for the victims of Putin’s criminal invasion.

Condemnation of the UN for positive action for the benefit of all humanity is an entirely different matter and demonstrates the worst elements of uninformed xenophobia.

It is dangerous and damaging for all of us who want to live in a peaceful sustainable country within a harmonious global humanity.

When Eleanor Roosevelt read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the UN General Assembly prior to its adoption on the first International Human Right Day on 10 December 1948, it was not without unanimous support from Australia.

Today Australia supports the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

The Goals represent a practical set of goals for a more equal and sustainable society.

These goals support no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, peace and justice.

I think all political candidates at all levels should declare their support for these goals for all humanity, publicly and unreservedly.

I don’t think anyone should call for our any banning or exit from the UN.

In these dangerous times we should be strengthening the UN to make it work better or we have learned nothing from past wars.


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