OPINION: Theoretical Science


DEAR News Of The Area,

I WOULD like to thank Duesbury for highlighting the proof of theory by Wegener on Continental Drift.

Science has always been the final arbiter on theories by the collection of data and applying it to the theory, not once but many times, resulting in repeatability.

This is the establishment of ‘fact’.

The same scientific principles are being applied to the theory of climate change and the repeatability is being improved with emerging technology that allows more accurate modelling. Better verifiable models are used (by scientists) to advise planners on how to deal with the changing environment and hopefully mitigate some of the more severe effects.

To suggest that the science is getting it wrong, on the basis that some current observations aren’t quite what an evolving model predicted, suggests an underlying disbelief in the proposition.

Strange when using science to highlight a proposition proved in the face of disbelief.



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