OPINION: Unfair penalties for the four Coffs Harbour councillors


DEAR News Of The Area,

I’M upset as I’m sure the vast majority of citizens are, that our elected representatives are penalised for actually doing their democratic duty in supporting the community.

It is the Mayor using her casting vote against the citizens wishes that should be sanctioned.

The community is outraged that the Office of Local Government has postponed the elections once again and has not insisted that a caretaker mode be mandatory.

The consequences will be political and I’m sure financial particularly in these uncertain times when we should be deeply concerned about our financial and social well-being into the future.


George PARTOS,
Coffs Harbour.

One thought on “OPINION: Unfair penalties for the four Coffs Harbour councillors

  1. Not correct George on any count. The mayor broke no law using the casting vote, it is the law. If you dot like the law set about getting it changed. The 4 councillors that walked out broke the law also. I don’t agree with all laws also but ifI break them I get penalised just like anyone else. Laws are there for a reason.

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