OPINION: Unpacking the politics of climate change


DEAR News Of The Area,

I REALLY don’t understand why the people of Australia entertain the adversarial situation we have in the political arena here in Australia regarding climate change especially if we take the time to consider an alternative way of looking at the issue.

Let’s reflect on what is trying to be achieved by considering moves that are underway on two of the many related issues and what they are aimed at, without considering natural or human activity induced climate change as part of the equation.

1. Reducing air pollution including CO2 emissions. Many cities around the world have unhealthy levels of air pollution;

2. Transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources? Fossil fuels are a finite resource and should be viewed in a manner that they will eventually run out and therefore should be reserved for specific uses only.

The whole of human history and development is one of change and advancement so there is no logical reason why we should not be making changes to improve our situation in relation to the environment and resources on the only known planet where life exists.

Therefore, it is legitimate to ask what is wrong with reducing pollution and transitioning to using renewable sources of energy, with or without considering climate change.

Unfortunately, the situation in Australia resulting from government policy and decision making being driven by short term electoral and financial considerations, rather than by leadership and vision for the future, means there has been a lack of progress over the last decade.

The majority of people want progress and they will be the ones who pay the price for the LNP federal government’s inaction and resulting lack of an overarching policy structure needed to guide and drive the transition phase for the benefit of all Australians.

Boambee East.

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