OPINION: Urban myth rears its head as local koala spotted

Anne and Peter Gwynne spotted his local on Linden Avenue.


DEAR News Of The Area,

FOR those residents who have never had the fortune of spotting a local koala ‘in the urban wild’, and are beginning to think they are indeed just an urban myth, here’s a recent story from Boambee East.

When local residents Anne and Peter Gwynne were undertaking their morning walk last Thursday, they came upon a koala trying to have a snooze in one of the Tallowwoods bordering the footpath in a Linden Avenue property.

The commotion made by attacking birds was not only keeping it awake, but ultimately gave its presence away.

The Tallowwoods in Linden Avenue, like those in many of our tree lined streets are a critical part of the connected corridors which enable the few koalas still around to move between larger retained areas containing food trees , and ultimately to co-exist with us urbanites.

Another reason why we all need to drive carefully on our local roads; and preserve the often isolated koala feed trees.

Keep looking – you never know your luck.


Dave WOOD,
Boambee East.

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