OPINION: Very Sad Sight for Locals and Tourism at Coffs Creek Walkway

The jetty in its current state of disrepair.


DEAR News Of The Area,

It is sad to see what is left of our lovely recycled walkway and small jetty right in full view of the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park.

We started with a small hole two years ago which quickly got fenced around instead of fixing and two years later it has just crumbled into a terrible state and the fences (which we hire of course) have just been getting added to around it.

This makes us all sad that there is no money for maintenance of such a lovely area.

We don’t want anything more or new without fixing what we already have.

We are so busy trying to make bigger and better things with no concern for what is collapsing in such a popular family area.

It is shocking this has been allowed to deteriorate to such a bad condition.

I have spoken to many council workers in the area, who say they have red flagged the area but nothing gets done.

We now have the pavers on the existing walkway caving in, more areas collapsing, and the post on the jetty is broken.

Is the Council going to put more fences up instead of fixing these problems?

Who is responsible for maintenance to make sure what we already have is maintained and looked after?


Michelle CUTHBERT,
Coffs Harbour.


Fences have been added to over time.

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