OPINION: Well worn script for Australian women in leadership roles


DEAR News Of The Area,

AS Australians we have seen many developments in the last few months highlighting the patriarchy which too often works to the disadvantage of women and we are all familiar with the script which underpins the status quo.

The same script is working at all levels of business and government and is reserved for any woman who dares raise her head above the parapet to assume a leadership role.

Think Julia Gillard, Clover Moore, Christine Holgate etc.

Denise Knight entered Council with a mandate to build an entertainment Centre, and after long and careful planning as well as considerable opposition, including not so subtle and grossly inappropriate interference from another level of government, Council has the go-ahead to build a venue in the CBD of approximately 600 seats.

Along the way the CHCC has won numerous awards for excellence which can be found on the Council website.

This is an impressive record and with groups such as Citizens’ Voice sticking to the usual anti-feminist script, the Mayor has attracted exactly the kind of treatment which is now being called out for the misogyny it is.

I have lived in Coffs Harbour for many years and watched the city lurch from inertia to progress and back to inertia under previous mayors.

After this last period of progress I fear the pattern may well be repeated.

We should be careful what we wish for.


Margaret ENGLAND,

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