Opinion: What about the workers? Loading zone concerns over Nambucca Library Upgrade


DEAR News Of The Area,

WE had news last week that a tender has been accepted for the Nambucca Library Upgrade and so preparations are now underway for the start of the building work.

The Loading Zone which is planned for vehicular access to the courtyard will operate with a time limit of 30 minutes.

This leads us to ask what will happen when workmen need to access the site for lengthy maintenance work on the library or the two halls after the building is completed or when deliveries need to be made to the library?

The courtyard is to be landscaped and public seating is to be installed, so there will be no possibility of parking in the courtyard as these worker’s vehicles do at present.

Clearly such vehicles will have to park at a distance.

The only close-by parking places have a one hour limit on them.

Also we need to bear in mind that such workers often have tools and materials on their ute and need to go back and forth from their work vehicle.

Sometimes they need to use battery power directly from their vehicles for their power tools.

The halls and the library are old buildings so repairs and renovations are often necessary.

In addition we unfortunately have vandalism to contend with from time to time and glass in the front doors or windows may need replacing.

How could a glazier manage with this limited access?

Often workmen need to be on site for several days at a time for roofing or plumbing repairs.

How can this be managed in a loading zone with a half hour limit on it?

The design planned doesn’t take into consideration these practical issues.

Many members of the community are concerned about the practicality of the design and following on from this about issues of public safety.

Further thought needs to be given to these proposals – as present design plans will present considerable problems into the future and can with compromise and consultation be avoided.


Marlene GRIFFIN,
Valla Beach.

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