OPINION: What Climate Emergency?


DEAR News Of The Area,

I WORRY about our children’s future, when they are allowed to ‘wag’ school, apparently with the encouragement of their teachers, to attend a climate strike about a fabricated “climate emergency” and listen to propaganda, instead of attending classes and learning science and history.

Truth in science is determined by how well observation and experiments agree with the theory.

It is not determined by which theory gets the most votes.

In my opinion, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) computer climate model has proved, to say the least, inaccurate.

Not one prediction has eventuated.

Yet, proponents of the carbon induced climate emergency still cling to it to validate their position.

Temperatures observed from meteorological balloons and satellites, both of which agree, have been much less than those predicted by the IPCC model (approximately a third).

The warming, as small as is observed, is almost certainly beneficial.

It gives a longer growing period and in the northern hemisphere, crops can ripen a little bit further north.

Nobody knows how much the warming observed over the past 50 years is due to CO2.

There is good reason to believe that most of it would be there without increase in CO2 because we are coming out of the ‘Little Ice Age’, which occurred during the early 1800’s.

As a result of the increase in atmospheric CO2 there has been a greening of the planet.

Plants are requiring less water.

They are producing leaves with fewer stomata (pores) through which they absorb CO2 and through which water diffuses out.

As there are fewer stomata there is less loss of water through them.

During the 1980’s Dr Sherwood Idso conducted experiments with pine trees, where he observed that increasing the amount of CO2 available to the trees, increases their growth rate.

This can be achieved with most plants including wheat, corn and other crops.

Fossil records confirm that when CO2 levels were ten times or more than they are today, plant and animal life thrived.

By geological standards plants have been living in a CO2 famine during the current geological period.

For most of the past 600 million years CO2 levels have been 10 to 20 times higher than today.

Climate Emergency!

What climate emergency?



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  1. How is there no climate emergency
    have you not seen all the reefs we’ve had for millions and millions of years die off in the past 20 years., it isn’t normal..
    I couldn’t think of one person i know that would agree with what your saying you fuckwit

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