OPINION: Woolgoolga Missed Opportunities


DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM amazed at the lack of consultation of the Council, particularly the department’s planners with the community of Woolgoolga.

As you are aware we had a very strategically placed old Surf Club which was very important for the Woopi Wavers swimming group.

This has been removed and replaced by a modern multi million dollar Club House with no public access or provision of showers and restrooms, even though Council franchised a cafe called the Hub.

The existing toilet and change room and showers have been demolished.

The new ones only offer toilet facilities but no showers or access for the disabled.

The original children’s playground has been removed and a very modern one erected and fenced in with no access again for the disabled.

It is amazing that following a complaint about a child blistering their bottom, the slides in the new facilities have been changed.

The Woopi Wavers have resorted to bringing their own chairs to continue their swimming activities in the current location which is blessed by the early morning sun and very safe access to the beach.

I find it very ironic that a very expensive statue of old jetty timbers has been placed in the old Surf Club position.

It is also noted that the caravan park has now got very, very basic cabins with an amazing restricted view of the sea also adjacent to the old surf club location.

Also noted that the new concrete paths have been replaced because of minor cracks.

I am sure that the new Council will acknowledge the place of their senior citizens, particularly the Woopi Wavers, and address the concern of seating and changing facilities without delay.

It has just come to my notice that Boundary Street has been resealed yet the main tourist and visitor access to the headland is in a very bad condition and has been so for a number of years.

This needs fixing ASAP.

I look forward to hearing from you with your program for fixing the items raised.

Yours sincerely,
Peter LACY,
Woopi Wavers.

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