OPINIONS: Memories of LePac, Nambucca Heads


DEAR News Of The Area,

AFTER my parents retired to Nambucca Heads in 1984, I visited regularly and a holiday here was never complete without a trip or two to LePac so that my young sons could spend their pocket money at Les and Pam’s wonderful shop.

Since moving here ourselves 14 years ago, our five grandchildren are following in the footsteps of their dads and love to visit LePac.

So many mesmerising and affordable items for their few dollars!

So hard to choose!

So exciting to consult with Pam and, until recently, Les, about how far their money would stretch!

Now LePac is about to close, and I want to thank Pam for the endless pleasure that her shop has given to two generations of my family.

The main street of Nambucca won’t be the same without this iconic place and we will continue to miss the legendary friendliness of its owners.

Happy retirement, Pam, and thank you for the joy you have spread over the years.

Nambucca Heads.

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