Original Artwork by Port Stephens Local Jordan Lucky Calls Koala Sanctuary Home

Jordan Lucky with his artwork at the entry of the soon to be opened Koala Sanctuary. Photo by Marian Sampson.


JORDAN Lucky is the first to admit he failed art at Tomaree High School, ironically he is a prolific and well established mural artist not just in Australia, but around the world.

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He has been a full time professional artist for four years and his first public artwork was a collaboration with the Soldiers Point Lions Club in 2008 at the now defunct bus shelter at Salamander Bay Shopping Centre.

His career started trading artwork for accommodation, so Jordan has literally painted his way around the world.

With installations in Malaysia’s Penang, Thailand, Netherlands, Sweden, London and across Europe.

Closer to home he has works in Melbourne, Newcastle and now at the entry to the soon to be opened Koala Sanctuary Jordan’s works are worth stopping to enjoy.

Jordan has over 200 works in the public domain around the world.

The sign at the entry to the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary is unique in the area it embraces and reinvigorates the existing assets with the old wooden fence, uses a cut board and the koala itself is brought to life with layers of beautiful brush strokes making it look lifelike, soft and tactile.

The sign is a one off original artwork which sets the tone of the installation.

Jordan Lucky told News Of The Area, “The base of the koala was laid in aerosols with the details in acrylic with brushwork.”

Stay tuned as Jordan would like to do a bigger version of this beautiful koala with its full body and a tree.

The Koala Sanctuary can’t come too soon in the aftermath of the devastating bushfires in Australia with many koalas injured across the nation, some of which were cared for here in Port Stephens.

Jordan is hopeful that the artwork on the fence will eventually grow and that there will be spaces within the sanctuary which will see art become a part of the interactive and educational experience which the sanctuary promises for the future.

Jordan also participated in the Naked Alley artwork with Rhys Fabris and Nick Stuart in Nelson Bay and is keen to deliver more works in his hometown.

Next he is travelling to paint in Melbourne then in a Victorian town called Donald, then Brisbane and Byron Bay.



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